Perfect for you, who wants to enjoy great low-cost, foldable eBike with 3-speeds Cruise Control.
Install Android or iPhone app from Google Play or iPhone Store. Control & locks feature by app.


Folding 3-speeds, 25-35-50km/h Cruise Control eBike with 16" wheels, 500W motor, 60+ km range

This eBike is the perfect 3-speed, 500 Watt eBike companion for riding around town, cities and in country area. This model can get you going up to 50 km/h and will last 60+ km before you will need to re-charge the battery. It’s sturdy, good looking, and very fun to ride! Take a trip to the grocery, or trip around the lake. A great eBike for any smooth terrain types and off-road like in forest or beach.

  • Folding 16" Wheels eBike
  • 16" off-road inflatable tire
  • 500W High-speed Motor
  • 3-steps Cruise Control
  • Android & iPhone App
  • App for Bluetooth LCD
  • Lock your eBike by app.


Colors: Black, White, Red

Main Feature:

25-35-50 km/h Folding Electrical Bike with 16" Tires,
500W motor and 60+ km range per battery charge.

Removable battery, Adjustable seat, Double Brakes, 
Rear-shock suspension, Electronic horn signal.

Frame Material: Aluminum alloy
Max. Passenger Load: 150kg


Speed, Range & Cruise Control

Cruise Control for 25-35-50km/h

Range per Charge: 60-70 km
No Pedal Range: 20-30 km


Motor, Gears & Climbing
3-gears, linear speed regulations
Motor: 500W High-speed motor
Motor position: Rear Hub Motor
Climbing degrees: 30 grader

Front & Rear Brakes & Lights
Front & Rear Double Disc Cable Brakes 

White Light on front & Red light on back


Battery Power & Charging Power

Voltage: 48V, 15 Ah, 110V-240V

Power Supply: Lithium Battery
Battery Position: Rear Carrier

Charging Time: 4~5 hours
Waterproof: IP45, rain ok


Wheels, Size & Weight

Wheel Size: 16" with 16" Tire
Tire Width: 14" x 1.6" inches

Unfold size: 155 x 50 x 120cm
Folded size: 158 x 28 x 82cm
Weight: 30 kg, package 38 kg 

Max. Passenger Load: 150 kg


Certification: CE, FCC, Rosh

50 km/h Folding Electric Bike with 16in Wheels, Pedal Assist, 60+ km range

VAT Included