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Folding 350W eScooter with 15-20-25 km/t Cruise Control, 25 km range

Folding 350W eScooter with 15-20-25 km/t Cruise Control, 25 km range

SKU: m395pro

Ultralight Foldable Electric Scooter with E-ABS,
Kinetic Energy Recovery, Cruise Control by App,
Intelligent Battery System & Lock by App Control.


12.5kg Foldbar el-løbehjul
20-25-30 km/t Autopilot
8.5" solid wheel tires
350W powerful DC motor
Color: Black + White


Battery Mileage: 28-35km
Battery: 36V/10.4Ah lithium
Charging time: 5~8 hours
Charge Power: AC 110-240V 50-60Hz
Materials: Aluminum alloy
Max climbing angles: 10-15°
Max load: 120kg, 1 person
Max speed: 30km/h autopilot
Motor: 350W (500W peak)
Power: AC 110-240V 50-60Hz
Package size: 1100*150*520m
Weight, package: 15kg
Weight, unit: 12.5kg


Foldable eScooter will take you through any city faster than you think
You will enjoy eScooter ride throughout your local streets, where you may bypass even bicycles or cars on the road - due to efficiency motor with constant speed on sidewalk...


Up to 30 km battery range with 15-20-25 km/h Cruise Control

You will enjoy up to 20-30 km ride from one battery charge
& selected speed of up to 15-20-25 km/h by Cruise Control.


Versatile, simple to use and spectacular design

  • 20-30 km long distance range battery
  • Speed of up to 15-20-25 km/t
  • Cruise Control is automatic
  • Double braking eABS system
  • Red light flash when braking
  • Kinetic Energy Recovery
  • Intuitive, easy to charge
  • Portable folding design
  • Very easy to fold & unfold
  • Easy to carry in train or bus
  • Carry Strap is optional (extra)
  • FREE Mobile Phone Holder
  • Hold your mobile securely
  • Buy your eScooter today
  • 48h ship from inside EU 


Size & Weight

  • Package: 15 kg
  • eScooter: 12 kg
  • eScooter Dimensions
    107 x 44 x 110 cm, unfoldet
    107 x 44 x 48cm, foldet
  • Standing Platform: 14,5 cm


Designed simply to look, feel & drive good

Every aspect of Folding eScooter has been designed with simplicity in mind. The black aluminum frame, the black components and red accessories use same stylish, geometric design that puts usability and the user first at all times. A single press on power button puts scooter in motion. Red features underlines modern design.


Aerospace aluminum frame for durability
Robust aerospace aluminum structure, with low density and great structural overall strength, also characterized by excellent thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance to add durability. The scooter has perfect size and weight to transport and maneuver on any roads.


Kinetic recovery & regenerate battery energy
To increase the life and distance of battery, this electric scooter converts and stores the kinetic energy during the acceleration as electrical energy. It is also equipped with regenerative brakes for additional power. This improves the emergency braking and the battery life at the same time, giving you a complete satisfaction. 


Pair eScooter with SmartPhones by Bluetooth
Pair your electric scooter with Bluetooth on your SmartPhone and use Google Play Store or iPhone APP to see speed, remaining energy and other data in real time. Firmware updates ensure you have best possible driving experience.


Order TODAY: Get Mobile Phone Holder for FREE

    • User Guide

      On/off buttons. Controlled acceleration.
      One touch to turn on. Touch long to turn off. When electric scooter is on, a long touch will turn the lights on/off. With a double touch, it will switch between sports, normal & energy saving mode.


      Turn, fold, click. Folds in 3 easy steps.
      Simply, turn the lever down to fold and the scooter ringer is caught by the bolt on the rear wheel. Compact and safe design, perfect for storing electric scooter at home, in office or trunk.


      Anti-slip handlebar. Strong Acceleration.

      • Anti-slip handlebar provides great grip and control of the scooter, even on long rides.
      • Push down accelerator and adjust the amount of pressure until you get a comfortable speed.
      • LED-lights on panel indicates remaining battery. When empty, red light.


      Ultra-bright headlight. Red braking light.
      Headlights are ultra-bright and essential for night driving, but not all scooter have lights. Light distance is up to 6 meters & adds security. Red breaking stop lights illuminates when braking is activated as very clear warning to pedestrians and other vehicles on the road.


      Double braking system front and rear
      With solid brake disc & regenerative anti-lock braking system front and rear you achieve an efficient braking distance of only four meters, giving you smooth breaking point every single time.


      Shock absorber tires for smooth, pleasant ride
      The solid front and rear tires and wheels have good cushioning and anti-slip tread. Together with the brushless motor for stable output power, this electric scooter is equipped with and made for a very pleasant driving on roads and pathways anywhere you may desire.


      Smart Battery Power Management System
      High-capacity lithium batteries provided by LG provides very efficient travel on a single battery charge. The Smart Battery System show battery status & notifies you in case of problem.

    VAT Included

    2 pcs 10% | 3 pcs 20% discount

    Color: Black

    FREE phone holder. 100 DKK Shipping. Discounts: 2 pcs 10% | 3 pcs 20%