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Buy, Rent or Lease eScooter with App for map, sightseeing & pleasure

Folding eScooter

15-20-25 km/h
Cruise Control
by button & app

Double Brakes
Kinetic Energy Recovery

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eScooter designed to simply look, feel & drive good...

Our M365 Pro eScooter will take you through the city in one breeze. You will enjoy your M365 PRO eScooter ride through local streets and roads, where you quickly will bypass bicycles and cars on the road due to very efficiency 350W motor giving you nice constant speed of up to 25 km/h & 20-30 km range per battery charge. 

Every aspect of M365 Pro Electric Scooter has been designed with simplicity in mind. The aluminum frame of M365 Pro eScooter, components and accessories are of high quality geometric design that puts usability and the driver first at all times. A single button puts your scooter in motion. The nice red feature design underlines modern design of M365. M365 Pro Electric Scooter is designed simply to look good, feel good & drive good.

Buy, Rent or Lease M365 Pro eScooter by booking your Test Drive today...

Foldable 3-speeds Electric Scooter with 350W, 36V, 10.4Ah Motor, Kinetic Dual Brake System,
Remote Lock by Google Android or iPhone Apps, 3-speed Button, LCD Display & Waterproof.

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